Community Mental Health Teams for Older Adults

The Older Adult Community Mental Health Team (OA CMHT) supports people over the age of 65 with severe and enduring mental health needs, also for those under 65 with an early onset Dementia. We can provide Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment, Education and create Individualised care planning. 

Dementia & Older Adults - Ramsey Unit, Furness General, Barrow

Ramsey Unit is an assessment unit for patients with an organic illness, such as Dementia.

Dementia & Older Adults - South Cumbria

Depression and anxiety disorders aren’t just something that affects younger generations. Here at First Step we have no upper age limit to the people we work with and have successfully worked with many people over the age of 65.

We all worry or feel low from time to time, and usually these feelings fade away on their own. When they don’t just go away or start to interfere with your day to day life, First Step can help you get back on track.

Intermediate Dementia Care

The Intermediate Dementia Care Service provides a specialist 10 bedded rehabilitation service for people with a diagnosis of dementia or people awaiting memory assessment following a period of physical ill health. The service offers up to six weeks of practical rehabilitation. 

Intermediate Support Team

The Intermediate Support Team (IST) is an integral part of the adult secondary care mental health service, with a  key focus on older adults with a severe and enduring mental health need, functioning as a multidisciplinary team, that focus on hospital prevention and facilitating timely discharge from hospital to the clients home or other place of residence. IST offers intensive short term support. 

Memory Assessment Service

Memory Assessment Services are located across Lancashire and aim to comprehensively assess anyone of any age who might be worried about their memory. The teams are made up of Nurses, Doctors, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists. Anyone can be referred via their GP, or other hospital specialist because of concerns.

Older Adult Hospital Liaison Team

We provide Mental Health Assessments, advice, information and education to people attending the Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department with an urgent medical need; also for people who have been admitted onto a medical ward whom the medical team feel an urgent mental health assessment is required.

Rapid Intervention and Treatment Team (RITT)

The Rapid Intervention and Treatment team (RITT) is a specialist Older Adult Mental Health multidisciplinary community based service with the following key functions