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We are a social inclusion team. We support people who have a broad range of mental health difficulties to become more included in their local community.

What we do

This might be in areas such as taking up sports or arts activities. Maybe someone is interested in volunteering, needs support to gain employment or has difficulties with their housing and is at risk of becoming homeless. We can also help people to set up their own support groups and meet likeminded people. In Blackburn with Darwen, there are Carer's Support Staff too.

We grade our support, so as to maximise people's independence, and we also offer signposting only for people who are able to start participating, but just don't know what their options might be.  We are interested in building relationships with key people and organisations across the area, so that we can support places to be fully inclusive and, enable the people we work with to participate fully; building up their own natural supports and establishing friendships. 

We map the area to build up detailed knowledge of what is going on out there, so we can be sure to inspire, motivate and meet the diverse interests of the people who are referred to us.

How to access the service

Referral to this service is via local mental health services (Steps 2-5 of the Stepped Care Model).

Referrals can be made either by completing the electronic referral form and sending it directly into the Team Mailbox, or alternatively, over the telephone with the Restart Duty Worker who would complete the referral form and drop it into the Team Mailbox. The form is comprehensive and we ask referrers to provide as much information as they can from their conversations with the individual.  This means we can identify the appropriate staff, knowledgeable in the identified area of interest, who can go prepared with some relevant information. We ask about what the identified obstacles are to inclusion, such as how symptoms of illness affect individuals, whether there have been any recent changes, finance difficulties, whether someone uses public transport etc. 

We gather outcomes information.  We have agreed care pathways and an operational process pathway.

How to contact us:

The service is based in the community.

There are three areas that staff cover, in both Central and East Lancashire (please see below). Staff ensure their area is well mapped and they have established contacts.  Staff also know what is going on outside of their immediate area, for people who can travel or who live near a boundary. Our mapping is constant, and a unique feature of this service. 

We place a great deal of emphasis on the person-centred service we provide. This means we are interested in what the service user is interested in - not what we think they should be interested in. So, if it's family history, we might be working in the library, or visiting a local history group in the evening. If it's swimming, we will be at the pool. If it's employment, we might be at the Job Centre, supporting a job search and if it's setting up a self-help group, then we might be checking out the local Community Centres with you. 

For a first appointment or perhaps to review a piece of work, people might prefer us to visit them at home which is not a problem. For the majority of the time though, we meet people in cafés and other community buildings.


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