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The Harbour is a 154 bed mental health hospital, which provides care and treatment for adults who cannot be safely treated at home. The ward team is multidisciplinary and includes a variety of mental health professionals.

What we do

The hospital has single ensuite bedrooms of varying specialisms over 10 wards, the wards are defined as follows:

  • Churchill and Orwell – 2 Male acute mental health wards
  • Shakespeare and Stevenson – 2 Female acute mental health wards
  • Dickens - Male advanced care need ward
  • Austen - Female advanced care need ward
  • Wordsworth - Male dementia ward
  • Bronte - Female dementia ward
  • Keats - Male Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
  • Byron - Female Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

The functional acute mental health wards accommodate patients from the age of 18 experiencing an acute mental illness requiring inpatient care. This also includes dual diagnosis of mental illness as the primary diagnosis, with personality order, learning disability or drug and alcohol misuse.

The advanced care wards accommodate older patients who are experiencing an acute mental illness that are also physically frail or who are also experiencing physical disability or illness.

The dementia wards accommodate patients diagnosed with dementia who are requiring the relational and physical care and security that an inpatient ward can provide.

The PICU will provide an environment of a higher relational, physical and procedural security, in order to safely care and treat patients who are acutely unwell, posing a higher risk to themselves or others and requiring lower stimulating environment.

How to access the service

All referrals for admission will be accessed through the Crisis Resolution/Home Treatment Teams (CRHT) / Intermediate Support Team (IST)

How to contact us:

Contacting The Harbour

Open visiting (1pm until 7:45pm) but visitors are asked to please check with the ward as there may be activities scheduled in. Please click on the ward name below to view their contact number.

PICU is scheduled visiting times and people are asked to contact the ward to arrange a suitable time.

If visitors are planning to bring children (to any ward) then they should contact the ward beforehand to arrange a suitable time.

The Harbour Contact Details

Main Reception

Main Reception - 01253 447700

Advanced Care Wards

Austen Ward - 01253 447721
Dickens Ward - 01253 447721

Dementia Unit

Wordsworth Ward - 01253 447736
Bronte Ward - 01253 447736

Functional Wards

Churchill Ward - 01253 447781
Orwell Ward - 01253 447781
Shakespeare Ward - 01253 447846
Stevenson Ward - 01253 447846

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Keats Ward - 01253 447818
Byron Ward - 01253 447862

Additional Resources:

The hospital is designed with a concourse/street of which there are a range of public facilities and non-clinical and clinical areas. This section details the public and nonclinical areas at or leading from the main entrance. A list of these is as follows:

Sparky's Café

Sparkys Logo

Run by the Richmond Fellowship as a social enterprise and offering apprenticeship and volunteering opportunities to service users and disabled people. Open from 08.00am to 20.00pm 7 days per week and offering a full range of drinks and snacks including a ‘homeward bound’ pack for service users being discharged (if requested/needed) and night staff meal pack. Please follow this link for more information


Also run by the Richmond Fellowship and providing a newsagent function including sale of, magazines, toiletries, snacks and personal care goods, etc., typical of a small hospital shop. The shop will not sell any ‘over the counter’ medications (eg paracetamol or cough linctus) or tobacco products (including E cigarettes).

Patient Affairs /General Office

This area deals with administrative aspects of service user affairs including storage of cash and valuables. At specific times during the day service users can access their cash and the hospital’s petty cash service will be provided. There is a facility for 'out of hours' depositing of service user cash and valuables. Service user and petty cash monies for all clinical/departmental areas are centralised and managed by this office within the building in accordance with Trust Standing Financial Instructions, and supporting procedures.

Multi-use room

This space is large and adaptable enough for groups of service users /staff and others to be able to use it in a flexible way, either for a range of functions e.g.
  • Yoga
  • Meditation I relaxation classes
  • 5 aside Football, Basketball & Badminton
  • Staff training i.e. MOVA
  • Fund raising events and small fayres.
A multi-media system will also be installed in this room for both visual and audio capable of supporting presentations, video, television and cinema displays.

Fitness Room

Adjacent to the Multi-Use Room/Sports Hall will be a fitness suite. Access to general health facilities is recognised as being difficult for people with severe mental illness. The introduction of some medication has resulted in excessive weight gain in some service users. It is therefore an important part of their treatment programme that this is managed to prevent any deterioration in the physical wellbeing of service users. The benefits of exercise are recognised. Programmes of exercise will be facilitated by trained health and leisure co-ordinators/teachers or trainers who may be in-house specialist staff, or visiting therapists.

Reflective Space

This room will be open to allow free access to those who require it. This means that service users who have been risk assessed as being able to be in the hospital ‘street’ can use the facility as required. With appropriate facilities (including ablutions area) this room will be used for contemplation/prayer as required and will be accessible to all service users/staff and visitors regardless of faith. A Qibla indicator identifies the direction of prayer for specific faiths.

Family Visiting Facilities

Two family visiting rooms suitable for children are available close to main reception which staff can book via reception. Children visiting will take place on a pre-arranged basis as per Trust policy. Both rooms are bright, have toys available for smaller children, are furnished with comfortable seating and have an area where visitors and service users can make hot and cold drinks.

Mental Health Act Suite

The Mental Health Act suite will comprise of two meeting rooms and associated interview rooms for Mental Health Act Tribunals and associated meetings. This area also provides office accommodation for the Mental Health Act Administrator and support staff. The tribunal rooms are located adjacent to interview rooms so that solicitors and other professionals can have private conversations with their clients. Used primarily for tribunals and managers appeals, and also for general meetings and conferencing, these rooms are designed to accommodate up to a maximum of 16 people, seated at a boardroom style table.


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