Guild Lodge (low and medium secure service)

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The Low Secure Services for male service users aim to meet needs, promote health and wellbeing, enhance quality of life and provide appropriate rehabilitation opportunities.

What we do

We maximise opportunities for recovery and reintegration, and in particular to prepare individuals for transfer or discharge and to facilitate transfer to the most appropriate health or social care setting to meet the patients’ needs, in collaboration with local services and referring agencies.

We work closely with service users continuing to explore opportunities to improve upon and learn from service user experience.

Fairoak has 18 beds and provides low secure rehabilitation for male service users stepping down from medium secure care.  Fairoak also carries a community bed for male service users under the care of the Forensic Community Mental Health Team (FCMHT) to access in times of crisis. 

Dutton has 15 beds and provides low secure admission and assessment as well as on-going low secure care and treatment.

How to access the service

We do not accept referrals from the general public.

We accept referrals for Service Users who are ordinarily resident in the catchment area of Lancashire and South Cumbria.

The Flow and Capacity Manager or nominated deputy is the single point of access for all referrals and as such, all referrals and associated enquiries regarding referrals should be directed to the Flow and Capacity Manager in the first instance. 

All referrals (except urgent referrals) should be made using the Referral form which is available from the Flow and Capacity Manager (and on LCFT Intranet) or a comprehensive referral letter detailing relevant background information, a current risk assessment, current care and treatment plans (if available) and the reason for referral. Referrals can be made by the service user’s Consultant Psychiatrist, or by another practitioner significantly involved in the service user’s care, providing the referral confirms the clear support of the Consultant Psychiatrist.

How to contact us:

Low Secure Services
Guild Lodge
Guild Park

Tel: 01772 773698

Fairoak Tel: 01772 406660

Dutton Tel: 01772 645633


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